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Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Pump

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Features :

1.Unique Self Testing and Adjusting System.
The system records the rotation number of the pump head by the sensor so that it can count the flow speed and adjust the rotation speed.
2.Special Clamp Device and Multiple Channel Alloy Pump Head
The special clamp device makes the pump adapt to hose with different outer diameters. The special alloy pump head covered with rubber toughens the pump head and reduces the friction between the pump head and the hose.
3.Flexible Program
By four-phase programming, you can flexibly edit the control program to realize start, reverse and pause easily.
4.Using Adjust Factor to Achieve High Accuracy
When pump different liquid, when change different hose, and when the other experimental conditions change, the user can adjust the flow rate to the accurate value easily.


2×3mm Hose, Four Channels: 2×4mm ,Double Channels: 4×5mm, 5 x 6mm
OneChannel:6 x 8mm
2. Flow Rate at Single Channel:0.1 to 100 ml/min
3 Minimum Control Accuracy: 3.6/10000ml
4. Full Scale Error: 2%。
5. MAX-Flux:0-999.99L
6. Four Phases Program of Setting Pause, Direct Run, and Reverse.
7. 230V, 50 Hz
MH0002 – PC connection software for peristaltic metering pump

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